The world was slowly developing, people were one of the most intelligent beings. One resource of unknown origin Spellix got into the world. He began to influence the development of all living organisms on earth. Years later, a lot of intelligent factions came to live on Earth, each trying to build their own empire and use Spellix for their own purposes. Some of them were making weapons, strengthening their bodies. Some made illegal drugs and conducted various experiments. Some learn magic to get new advanced technologies.

Spellix can be in all forms: gaseous, solid and fossil, liquid. It is the main source of magic and technology in the world, thanks to it, there has been a huge progress in the development of society and technology.

Each faction pursues its own goals and visions of the world. Now it's your turn to feel the power of Spelix.
Take your place in the universe of Spellix
are a noble race that looks down on everyone. They believed that they were the most worthy of all and had the exclusive right to build the order and use Spellix.
tried to get along in the new world and acted as the highest politics, they kept order and tried to build a new world.
are unknown creatures who claim that Spellix is a resource of their world. It was they who brought him into this world. They say their world was in severe decline, and strong cataclysms began to occur. The spirits decided to perform a magic ritual and were able to transfer part of their world to the current one, but the only thing to be saved was the Spellix resource, which is now spreading across the new world. Spirits are the main advisers and allies of people, they help to study Spellix and control it.
are inventions of humans, they were built to protect them from other races, but Spellix influenced these robots and they became the same intelligent beings. The robots didn't know what they wanted and who was right, so they became loners and joined other races as mercenaries.
are animals of the forest that are trying to protect nature from all misfortunes. They don't care about empires and warriors, their main task is not to let nature die.
not all creatures in the world were given intellectual development by Spellix. Some creatures in the world were made bloodthirsty murderers who crave blood. They don't care who they fight, they defend the territory wherever they live.
We unleash the full talents of brilliant artists and engineers to create incredible game worlds and environments
Fabulous art
Cool setting
The future world where Spellix is used for high technology and magic. The world is motley. Races are divided into clans.
All heroes and pawns have their own race. Collect the synergy of a certain race and get additional features and characteristics for pawns.
NFT marketplace
Buy, collect or integrate your own NFT characters built on Ethereum Blockchain. Play to earn and enjoy a really satisfying gameplay.
PvE and PvP modes
Enhance your skills, get daily rewards, enjoy a multiplayer mode and take your place in the Leagues Leaderboard.
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