The worldwide mobile gaming platform.
We are game addicts. Love it. Create it. Enjoy it.
My name is Klim, I'm the founder and CEO of CREON.GAMES
We have assembled a team to launch games around the world. The team creates out-of-this world products both for themselves and for someone like you. We also help partners with the gamification of their business. We change the world of gaming
Who we are
Each team member is a professional who can generate ideas and implement them on the spot in collaboration with others
We appreciate and sometimes urge everyone to come up with new ideas that can disrupt the market - this is what helps us grow together.
Today we have several teams of Game Designers, Developers, Artists, Data Scientists, as well as Global Marketing and Business Development
We launch Mobile and Web3 games to international markets that leave our competitors in the dust
Become a part of the most creative team working on NFT art, Blockchain games and fully-fledged Metaverse
We develop
Mobile games
Prototypes, tests, UA, publishers, scaling, titles, and other charms created by gamers for gamers
Prototypes, tests, UA, publishers, scaling, titles, and other charms created by gamers for gamers
Mobile games
Become a part of the most creative team working on NFT art, P2E games and fully-fledged Metaverse
It’s all about attention, retention and generative models in mobile apps interfaces
AI Retention models
AI models
It’s all about Engagement, Retention and Generative models in mobile apps interfaces
A space where people and technologies work together
Where the computer-generated worlds are indistinguishable from reality
Where AI helps us to reach a completely new level of consciousness
Where the games go beyond entertainment and occupy quality time for you to challenge yourself and grow
Each level is a test of your memory, reaction time, speed, imagination, and creativity
Welcome to your future
New rules of the game
It’s time for a real game
And right now we are struggling to make this future a reality rather than a concept
Our products connect developers and corporations
Helping them create truly enthralling products that our users will not only find entertaining but also beneficial
We work with top specialists
We work with developers, publishers, and corporations to help them make their products more interesting and engaging
Both our users and customers find
That we are able to efficiently predict and meet both their needs and wants and, thus, make them interested in what comes next
We feel real satisfaction
By contributing to society with our products
Together we will
Change the rules of the game. Create a new reality
We are hiring
Developers as passionate about games as we are. Do what your imagination tells you
Lead Project Manager
Lead Recruiter
Lead Game Designer
Graphic Designer
Unreal Engine Developer
Unity 3D Developer
Lead 2D Artist
Lead 3D Artist
Business Assistant
3D Artist (Generalist)
Lead 2D Artist
Lead 3D Artist
3D Artist (Generalist)
Unreal Engine Developer
Unity3D Developer
Lead Game Designer
UX/UI Designer (Web, Tilda)
Business Assistant
Lead Project Manager
Lead Recruiter
Want to feel the rush of excitement from achieving your goals? Let’s create game products for people together.
We offer
Above the market average and KPI bonuses
Attractive salary and bonuses
Millions of users worldwide who will appreciate your work
International projects
Work from anywhere in the world or in the Dubai office
Remote mode
You may allot 10% of your working time to your growth via courses, books, or pet projects
Self development
Spirit of entrepreneurship and the notion of common sense
Company culture
Standard working week with flexible morning hours
Flexible schedule
We are waiting for you
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