We build the mobile game AI platform for validating mobile games on international markets. We do create games ourselves and help customers to create truly sticky products.
Hello! I am Klim Mironov, Creon Founder and CEO (ex-Yandex, Cashwagon)
I built the team that runs games all over the world. The team creates cool, bright, incredible products for themselves and for people like you. We also help corporations to gamify their business. We built a top international company that will change the world of mobile.


We welcome (and sometimes demand) to putting forward new ideas that are changing the market for games and mobile applications. This allows us all to grow.
A very skilled team that develops 3 streams: mobile games, business gamification, AI/ML models to increase Retention in any ecosystem.
Today there are multiple full-fledged teams, including Game designers, Unity developers, 2D/3D artists, UX/UI designers, Data science, as well as analysts, researchers, managers and Bus dev.
Each team member is a professional and an innovator who generates cool ideas and is able to put them into practice in collaboration with other colleagues.
Our main rule is - do it as if you did it for yourself

We develop several products

A full-fledged game studio with all the necessary components: prototypes, games, tests, UA, publishers, scaling, titles and other charms.
A full-fledged B2B product. Inside Creon, it is implemented by a separate mainly business team.
AI Retention models. We study attention and neuropsychology through mobile apps interfaces.
Do you want to join a secret team? Below there are a couple of vacancies, you know what to do ;)
We are recruiting a team from scratch, so there is no legacy code and old bugs. Everything can be created for you to make the development as convenient as possible.
We are searching for the dynamic people who strive to feel high from achieving results. Our mission is to create products that people like and bring them pleasure.

We offer

Remote mode
Work from anywhere in the world or go to the office in Sochi
Spend 10% of your working time on courses, books or Pet Projects
Self development
Good salary and bonuses
We regularly check with the market, pay a bonus for completing the KPI
We build it on the cult of common sense and the spirit of entrepreneurship
Flexible schedule
Standard working week with a flexible morning hours
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If you are interested in delving into problems not only in the technical, but also in the business part, influencing a product that is used by millions, developing an application architecture, drowning for quality and writing beautiful code-welcome to the team!
Where artificial intelligence is conducive to the evolution of humanity allowing us to reach new levels of consciousness Manifesto

Welcome to your future. It’s time for a real game.
Together we will change the rules of the game. Together we will create a new reality.
Where games are not just entertainment, but also learning mechanisms.
Where each and every level enhances the human aspect.
Imagine a world where technology works, not to the detriment of humanity, but to the benefit of it
Where algorithms and computer-generated worlds are indistinguishable from reality.
And right now we are struggling to make this future a reality rather than a concept
Our AI platforms connects developers and corporations to one another helping them create truly enthralling products that our users will not only find entertaining but also beneficial
We work with the biggest developers, publishers, and corporations to help them make their products more interesting and engaging.
Both our users and customers find that we are able to efficiently predict both their needs and wants and, thus, are interested what comes next.
By contributing to society with our AI Platform, we feel real satisfaction.
We are not just observers of this process. We create new rules of the game.
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