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Lead 2D Generalist
Knowledge of the principles of classical animation
Experience in creating character and subject animation
Photoshop proficiency at a professional level
Work experience as a 2D Artist for at least 2 years
Solid foundation in art fundamentals of composition, design, light, etc
Working in 3D at a basic level
Experience in creating effects, shaders (particle system, shader graph)
Experience working in Unity (especially animation, timeline)
Nice to have
Culture - we build it on the cult of common sense and the spirit of entrepreneurship
Good salary and bonuses - we regularly check with the market, pay a bonus for completing the KPI
Self development - spend 10% of your working time on courses, books or Pet Projects
Flexible schedule - standard working week with a flexible morning hours
Remote mode - work from anywhere in the world or go to the office in Sochi
Our Perks
Excellent sense of composition, shape, lighting and color
The experience of integrating content into Unity will be an advantage
Camera experience
Experience in directing
A big plus will be the ability to use the git
Compliance and maintenance of the established style of projects
Work with the art team and game designers
Creating graphics for mobile games: objects in isometry, decor, characters, people and animals, environment, illustrations
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