The glorious city of Buregrad, which has never known grief, is under attack by hordes of monsters generated by those who own the "magic” that is capable of subjugating the world.

But how exactly and what it will lead to, you can only find out by going there to feel for yourself what it's like to become part of a fairy tale that, truth be told, never was a fairy tale.

That war has been going on ever since. This way and that, the scales balancing victory and defeat bend. Even as the Buregrad inhabitants raise their cups to celebrate triumphs, they harbor the fear that their success will be shortly overturned and their joy trampled into ashes. But there is something in the world that can settle this struggle forever. And Buregrad is waiting for its savior.

And it may be that this savior is you
We unleash the full talents of brilliant artists and engineers to create incredible game worlds and environments.
Magical crafts
Fabolous art
Mix of hand-drawn and realistic art. Sense of presence in a fairy-tale from a childhood when good always wins over evil
Mythological origins
Rooted in myths and legends, the story line has a special place in the human heart and consciousness. Resonates with different nations and historical periods
Easy to start
Easy to learn, and anyone can play. Does not require any special skills or knowledge
Play everywhere
Browsers, Smartphones, Tablets. The game will be always be within the player’s reach
Hell Bear
Diesel Stump
tower Upgrade
Defeat the enemy

Upgrade your tower defense

Get amazing rewards in return
To make the world a little better with awesome games
Let's work together
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