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Lead Project Manager (gamedev)
Proactive and responsible attitude to the quality of their work and the results of the team
Ability to plan, prioritize
Work experience of at least 3 year in the role of Project Manager or Project Team Lead in game projects;
Ability to manage a production pipeline of up to 50 people;
Culture. We build it on the cult of common sense and the spirit of entrepreneurship
Self development. Spend 10% of your working time on courses, books or Pet Projects
Flexible schedule. Standard working week with a flexible morning hours
Remote mode. Work from anywhere or go to the office in Dubai, Moscow, Sochi
Our Perks
The desire to make a game that you will be proud of!
Participate in the process of hiring and adapting employees
Manage project development: make a plan and control the speed and quality of development
Set up team and cross-team interaction
Configure and improve processes, optimize work
Engage in the development of employees in the team
Participate in making key decisions on the project
CREON.GAMES – international mobile game company. We are searching for the dynamic people who strive to feel high from achieving results. We are looking for a Lead Project Manager who will set tasks and priorities for the project, monitor the effectiveness of the team, develop it and give constructive feedback. And also always be ready to help cope with difficulties, give advice or support.
Good salary and bonuses - we regularly check with the market, pay a bonus for completing the KPI
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