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Lead Game Designer
High erudition and understanding of the game market
The ability to correctly prioritize, cut off excess
The ability to briefly and clearly describe the tech spec
Work experience as a Game Designer - 2 years
Knowledge of English
Knowledge of mathematics and probability theory
Basic Photoshop skills
Basic programming skills
Nice to have
Culture - we build it on the cult of common sense and the spirit of entrepreneurship
Good salary and bonuses - we regularly check with the market, pay a bonus for completing the KPI
Self development - spend 10% of your working time on courses, books or Pet Projects
Flexible schedule - standard working week with a flexible morning hours
Remote mode - work from anywhere in the world or go to the office in Sochi
Our Perks
Understanding analytics and experience in making decisions based on data
Experience working with game statistics collection systems
Create the necessary documentation to convey your ideas to the team
Create and maintain a product at all stages of production: game design, game balance, game analytics, user experience, etc.;
Develop games designed for a wide audience, with deep gameplay for long-term retention
Develop the balance and economy of the game
Improve game metrics by releasing updates
CREON.GAMES - international mobile game company. We are searching for the dynamic people who strive to feel high from achieving results. We are looking for a leading game designer with experience in creating games. Strong product experts will work with you, you will be able to develop quickly in game design and production.
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